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Tamar Shilo art!

"I paint ideas, not things. My intention is to suggest thoughts which will speak to the imagination and the heart."  George Frederic Watts

The combination between abstract and figurative forms, allows me to compose layers into my paintings. My work is influenced by past and present experiences and by situations that trigger immediate inspiration to create.

My master studies of plant science and later on my work as a flower breeder, created a very strong and direct connection to nature. The creativity that emerged from the process of creating new species of flowers in different sizes, shapes and colours as well as the picturesque and colourful surroundings of the greenhouses and fields of flowers, influenced my creations.

Applying mixed techniques and using different materials lets me express myself in diverse ways. I’m working with acrylic, oil, watercolors, pastel, charcoal and ink. For my art I also use paper shopping bags, they are made of recycled paper and have replaced the former plastic bags. The bags confront us with our consumer desires that threaten earth and the oceans.  I sew them together to create a work surface to paint on. That way making artwork from sustainable materials intending to increase awareness to our consumption habits that harm the environment.

I'm a member of the AmstellandKunst association -

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